Market To Mobile / Cell Phones

Automatically Through Proximity Marketing

Market to your Customers Mobile Phones when they are in your store or nearby using Local Mobile Market

Are you ready for Proximity Marketing..?

  • UNDERSTAND how many potential customers are nearby.  A new marketing OPPORTUNITY.
  • HOW LONG they are in the area and find out how to ATTRACT them to your business.
  • INCREASE awareness of a special OFFER
  • Get advance BOOKINGS for your EVENT
  • INVITE customers to your FACEBOOK page, add them to your CRM (CLIENT LIST) saving marketing costs.
  • Be compliant with data regulations; GDPR and USA (COLORADO) marketing rules.
  • CUSTOMERS will market your business to their friends, generating new clients for free.
  • IMPROVE the overall VISITOR EXPERIENCE, explain paintings, art objects or exhibitions to visitors.
  • 100% effective Mobile Marketing.


Opinions of people that tried Local Mobile Marketer product.

Dino Bernachi

Head of Marketing, Harley-Davidson
"Local Mobile Marketer has been very effective for us to engage with store visitors across the US. We use the system to generate interest from patrons in store and within walking distance from the stores in order to highlight a particular promotion or event."

Gale Harrison

Head of Marketing, Heineken
"We have used Local Mobile Marketer for attracting further interest in future events when in the middle of an existing event. We strategically use their system to nurture Facebook profile likes so that we have the ability to continue to market to our target audience. I have no problem recommending their system."

Frequently Asked Questions

At Local Mobile Marketer™. We understand that generating clients is one of the most crucial elements of any business, and at our core is a dedicated team whose primary focus is on driving your business growth. Pricing is extremely cost effective and enables us to provide you with solutions to deploy comprehensive and successful marketing campaigns. Our solutions are plug and play simple, saving you time, money and content management costs all while creating new lists of customers 24/ 7 on autopilot..

We communicate with clients through training resources supplied and available for everyone. Once you receive your hardware its really simple to setup and manage the marketing and advertising. We have a team who are responsible for support who are ready to assist you at any time. We make it so easy for you to manage and implement all marketing activities to allow you to focus on your business and new sales.

At Local Mobile Marketer™ we offer each client a incredible guarantee giving a no quibble offer of 30 days to return the goods if not satisfied. We have no limits on the number of sales, advertising you run or the increased turnover we will generate, we have one fixed cost period. We are extremely confident that we supply a first grade quality product that easily ensures a return on your investment.

This is the great part, you see results immediately, or control panel has a live feed so you can see how fast your list grows. Every account is different, initially we suggest an agreed period of time is required to develop or amend your marketing profile. Clients see a return on investment immediately after partnering with Local Mobile Marketer™. If you do not currently market to new or existing clients you will see a large jump in activity and interaction from the start of your campaigns. If you have different marketing systems already in place, our team can show ways to generate instant improvement.

Our team are well experienced in working within the Marketing Sector and adhering to compliance requirements. Our team can communicate with you or with your promotions team to ensure all compliance requirements are met. We communicate all activity securely and robustly to ensure a trail of activity giving you and your firm peace of mind. SMS double opt-in and IAB compliance are paramount to us. We operate in a SPAM free environment.


Market To Mobile / Cell Phones Automatically Through Proximity Marketing.

Market to your Customers Mobile Phones when they are in your store or nearby using Local Mobile Market
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